I’m interested in the intersection between digital innovation, technology¬†and behavioral science. Currently, I’m lucky enough to pursue these interests in three ways:

  1. Leading a behavioral science non-profit as Co-Founder at The Decision Lab
  2. Advising clients such as Ubisoft & Honeywell in digital strategy as Co-Founder at C9
  3. Leading the Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality division as VP Product Management at iGotcha AR/VR

Previously, I was a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, worked in online sales & product development at Google, as well as in microfinance consulting at Hand in Hand India.

On the academic side, I have a BASc in Cognitive Science and MSs in Neuroscience from the Decision Lab at McGill University, where I collaborated with researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Caltech in applying mathematical models to study economic and political decision making.

I’m an avid snowboarder, surfer, scuba diver, photographer and jazz piano player.

Feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to connect.